Steak Signup

SCA Steak Cook off

OK Pit Masters and Cooks ~ we are adding another way for you to take home more cash.

On Sunday we are having our first ~ SCA Steak cook-off.

  •   9:00 am - Cooks meeting
  • 10:00 am - Judges meeting
  • 12:00 (noon) - First steak turn in
  •   1:00 pm - Seconde steak turn in
  •   2:00 pm - Awards


In fact - it will be a DOUBLE

The purse will be $2500 and pays down 10 places for both cook offs.

All Ribeye steaks will be furnished by the contest. 

KCBS teams that are already entered in the Bikes Blues and BBQ showdown on Saturday September 29th 2018 ~ there will be NO entry fee on the first cook off and only $100 for the second

Other teams entering this cook off the cost will be $150.00 per team for first cook off and $100 for the second.

So in addition to the KCBS $20,000 purse and the people’s Choice $1800 on Friday night ~ you will have the chance for part of $5000 with the steak cook offs.  All within the same trip to our showdown.

For SCA rules please visit   

I look forward to your help to create a great combination of showdowns  “all in one trip”

This event qualifies for an entry into World Food Championship’s as well ~ the steak Championships in TX

Please let me know if you have questions and if you would please remember I am still learning this association as well

Thank you for all your support in these events

Clyde Phelps ~ 479-586-0023

[email protected]